Iced Teas

Herein I track the results of my attempts to brew tasty iced tea. Unless noted, each combination is used to brew 3 quarts and is sweetened with 3 packets of Equal in an 8 oz bottle (no ice). At least, that’s what the Mr. Coffee brewer and Voss water bottles are labeled… I only get 7-8 bottles, while simple math says that should be 12 worth.

Good stuff!

Just as good, not as sweet.

Too weak.

Decent, but not very flavorful.

Weak on flavor, but with a sour note. Not good for cold tea.

Good stuff! Cinnamon is a bit weak, maybe this would complement chai well.

Very good, clean aftertaste.

Whoa, strong stuff. Had to dilute a bit, but it is quite tasty. Not quite as much aftertaste as with Tazo chai.

Nice blend. Somehow, all the spicing highlights the apple. Very reminiscent of a spiced cider.

Tasty, but almost bland after acclimating to so many spices

Flavorful and spicy. Needs more cinnamon.

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