This volume does not aspire to the name of an autobiography.…

The selection has been made in some cases from the importance of the matter. In others, from the celebrity of the persons concerned; whilst several of them furnish interesting illustrations of human character.

  1. Born

  2. Moved to Ferguson, MO

  3. First word was "clock"

  4. Began preschool tutoring

  5. Brother Kurt born

  6. Started wearing glasses and eye patches to treat amblyopia

  7. Started kindergarten at Sts. John and James

  8. Started first grade

  9. Dad sold Riverview Pharmacy

  10. Got to stop wearing glasses (for now)

  11. Soccer and computer camp at SIUE, learned Applesoft BASIC on Apple IIe

  12. Family bought Apple IIe

  13. Uncle "Mad" Tony gifted me with a 1200bps modem, started using BBSes

  14. Upward Bound summer school at SLUH

  15. Grandparents (maternal) accident

  16. Started school at SLUH

  17. Moved to Central West End in the city

  18. Started first job at Mail Boxes, Etc.

  19. Jesuit summer camp with survival training

  20. Back to wearing glasses (this time near-sighted)

  21. Established first internet email address "wupost.wustl.edu!sempco!hgerwitz"

  22. Moved out of home and into Colleen's apartment in South City

  23. Told by SLUH I was not invited back while not living with parents

  24. Involuntarily admitted to psych center with some really troubled "peers"

  25. Lived out of Colleen's car

  26. Moved into crack house apartments in CWE

  27. Married Colleen

  28. Parents separated

  29. Evicted from apartment, stayed with mom

  30. Laid off from MBE

  31. Sporadic temp assignments

  32. Took GED

  33. Started living out of Airstream trailer at Colleen's parents in Overland

  34. Good temp stint in marketing analysis at SBC

  35. Moved into Tower Grove apartment

  36. Started work at SJI

  37. Began classes at SLU

  38. Bought 1983 Buick Skyhawk

  39. Serious auto accident

  40. Bought 1985 Honda Civic wagon

  41. Restarted SLU after medical cancellation

  42. Started working at SLU (student lab manager)

  43. Moved to Forest Park Southwest

  44. First webpage posted (http://www.nyx.net/~hgerwitz/)

  45. Started more part-time work, with Apple Partners as IT assistant

  46. Moved to nice apartment in CWE

  47. Started third part-time job, with Hermann Marketing as help desk tech

  48. Started full-time work at Hermann Marketing as programmer analyst, left other jobs

  49. Started web development consulting (phobia)

  50. Bought 1986 Nissan 200SX

  51. Moved into bigger apartment in same building

  52. Started work at SLU as technology analyst

  53. Moved to Delmar

  54. Bought 1996 Mazda Miata

  55. Graduated from SLU

  56. Stopped consulting and hosting

  57. Started at Quatrix as developer, quickly promoted to tech director

  58. Hard drive crash with insufficient backup: history before this is less clear

  59. Bought house

  60. Got serious about cycling, first Tour de Cure team

  61. Colleen leaves

  62. Dad diagnosed with terminal cancer

  63. Promoted to VP at Envision after merger

  64. Finalized divorce

  65. Moved to friend's "spare" house (after selling mine)

  66. Moved to Downtown loft

  67. Bought road bike

  68. Dad died

  69. Joined infūz as VP of tech

  70. sold Miata to Kurt

  71. Broke off engagement

  72. Started dating Shannon 😍

  73. Bought 2006 Mazda Miata

  74. Moved to Seattle

  75. Started at frog design

  76. Declared Bus/Transit Driver Appreciation Day

  77. Bought house

  78. Married Shannon

  79. 4 months living in Munich for frog

  80. Moved to Amsterdam, for two year stint with frog

  81. Moved to Spaarndammerbuurt

  82. Shea moved to Amsterdam

  83. Left frog

  84. Registered The Artificial

  85. Started working at AKQA

  86. Moved to Prinseneiland

  87. Joined The Artificial full time

  88. Moved The Artificial to the Herengracht

  89. Moved into our house on Bilderdijkkade

  90. Shea died

  91. Thunder moved in