Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.

  1. Oklahoma to visit Mom's friend

  2. Houston, TX with Mom and Kurt

  3. Conference in Keystone, Colorado then camping, then Boulder to meet uncle Jim

  4. New Orleans for World Expo

  5. Family trip to Virginia

  6. Drove onward to Washington DC, stayed with Kuhlman relatives

  7. Visited Disney World and Daytona Beach with family

  8. Jesuit scouting summer camp

  9. Washington DC "Close Up" program with classmates

  10. Flew to Daytona Beach

  11. Jefferson City and Ha Ha Tonka State Park

  12. Baltimore

  13. Washington, D.C.

  14. Chicago road trip, Blue Man Group

  15. Camping trip

  16. Florida to visit Mom for Christmas

  17. New Orleans for Kurt's graduation

  18. Topeaka for SCCA event, but cancelled on 9-11 so then onward to Colorado to see the Rockies

  19. Regrouping with Mom

  20. Chicago trip coopted by a business trip to Wisconsin

  21. NYC to screen ad agencies

  22. Cancer Sucks tour with Dad and Kurt

  23. Disney World and Kennedy Space Center

  24. NYC for agency pitches

  25. Raleigh, NC for work

  26. Milwaukee business trip (consulting to infuz)

  27. Fort Myers to visit Mom

  28. New Orleans road trip

  29. Seattle for AIA summit

  30. Portland business trip

  31. Dallas business trip

  32. Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

  33. New Orleans with Dad to pick up Kurt

  34. Grand Theft Auto trip to Colorado Springs to steal a car

  35. Columbia, MO for MS 150 ride

  36. Italy with Kurt and Dad

  37. Florida for Mom's birthday

  38. Western Louisiana and New Orleans with Dad

  39. Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver

  40. Columbia, MO for MS 150 ride

  41. Group trip to Chicago, Blue Man Group

  42. Florida for Christmas with Mom

  43. New Orleans to visit Kurt for Mardi Gras

  44. Europe holiday

  45. Columbia, MO for MS 150 ride

  46. Chicago weekend

  47. Boulder for ICWSM

  48. Oklahoma City to visit Stephanie

  49. Seattle group trip

  50. Springfield, MO for a wedding

  51. Columbia, MO for MS 150 ride

  52. Chicago with Shannon to see Blue Man Group

  53. Fort Myers to visit Mom

  54. Kansas City with Shannon

  55. Chicago to speak at IAB

  56. Interviewed with frog design in Seattle

  57. Washington D.C. with Shannon

  58. Austin, TX for final frog interview

  59. Shannon took me to Las Vegas for Blue Man Group

  60. Moving to Seattle

  61. First trip to frog SF

  62. First trip to frog NY

  63. Weekend in San Francisco with Shannon, then work

  64. St. Louis for Frank's birthday

  65. Atlanta for work

  66. San Francisco for work

  67. Dallas for work

  68. Glacier National Park with the Lames

  69. Atlanta for work

  70. Christmas rounds

  71. San Francisco for work

  72. NYC for Shannon's birthday

  73. Austin, TX for work

  74. Valentine weekend then work in San Francisco

  75. Austin, TX for work

  76. San Francisco for work

  77. Atlanta for work

  78. St. Louis for Thomas 50th anniversary

  79. Austin, TX for work

  80. San Francisco for work

  81. San Francisco for work

  82. San Francisco for work

  83. Atlanta for work

  84. Houston for a wedding

  85. Honeymoon!

  86. Austin, TX for work

  87. San Francisco for work

  88. San Francisco for work

  89. San Francisco for work

  90. Thanksgiving in St. Louis

  91. San Francisco for work

  92. San Francisco for work

  93. San Francisco for work

  94. San Francisco for work

  95. Las Vegas for wedding

  96. San Francisco for work

  97. Atlanta for work

  98. Valentine in St. Louis

  99. San Francisco for work

  100. Birthday dinner in Portland

  101. SxSW

  102. Transfer to Munich

  103. London for work

  104. London for work

  105. London for work

  106. Vienna

  107. Austin, TX for work

  108. St. Louis for Kurt's wedding

  109. Amsterdam

  110. London for work

  111. Prague

  112. Hamburg with Birgit

  113. Back to Seattle

  114. San Francisco for work

  115. St. Louis family visit

  116. San Francisco for work

  117. India for work

  118. Christmas family visits

  119. San Francisco for weekend before work

  120. Los Angeles for Shannon's birthday

  121. New Jersey

  122. St. Louis for Easter with family

  123. NYC for holiday

  124. Paris for work

  125. Minneapolis for Eyeo

  126. San Francisco for work

  127. Phoenix for work

  128. Victoria for 2nd anniversary

  129. Phoenix for work

  130. St. Louis for Frank's birthday

  131. Phoenix for work

  132. Phoenix for work

  133. NYC for Comicon

  134. Phoenix for work

  135. Fort Myers for Lou's birthday

  136. Las Vegas for friends' wedding

  137. St. Louis for Thanksgiving

  138. San Jose for work

  139. Phoenix for work

  140. Phoenix for work

  141. Phoenix for work

  142. San Jose for work

  143. St. Louis for family visit

  144. Los Angeles for work

  145. San Jose for work

  146. Minneapolis for work

  147. Hawaii (big island) with Lames

  148. Minneapolis for work

  149. Minneapolis for work

  150. San Francisco for work

  151. St Louis family visits

  152. Minneapolis for work

  153. Minneapolis for Eyeo and work

  154. Phoenix for work

  155. Minneapolis for work

  156. San Francisco for work

  157. Minneapolis for work

  158. Minneapolis for work

  159. St. Louis for Frank's birthday

  160. Minneapolis for work

  161. Burlington, WA for MS ride

  162. Minneapolis for work

  163. Minneapolis for work

  164. Portland for work

  165. Moving to Amsterdam

  166. Mumbai for work

  167. Munich for work

  168. Christmas family visits

  169. Munich for work

  170. Mumbai for work

  171. Mumbai for work

  172. US visits

  173. Mumbai for work

  174. Belgrade for Resonate

  175. Berlin

  176. London-ish for work

  177. US family visits

  178. Stuttgart for work

  179. Frankfurt for work

  180. Rock Hill, SC for work

  181. Berlin for friends' birthdays

  182. Tokyo for Halloween

  183. US for Thanksgiving

  184. Lisbon holiday

  185. US for Betty's 90th

  186. Belgrade for Resonate

  187. Eindhoven for work

  188. Seattle for work

  189. Seattle for work

  190. Berlin for bachelor party

  191. Gent for Jan van Eyck

  192. St. Louis for Frank's 90th birthday

  193. Brighton for dConstruct

  194. Bergen, Norway for work

  195. US for Christmas

  196. Luxmbourg for Shannon's birthday

  197. Barcelona for OFFF

  198. Copenhagen and Malmö with the Lames

  199. US for family and holiday

  200. Milan for World Expo

  201. Seattle for work

  202. Paris for New Year's Eve

  203. US for family and holiday

  204. Seattle for work

  205. St. Louis to celebrate Frank

  206. Budapest holiday

  207. Nepal

  208. Lisbon for Web Summit

  209. US for work and family

  210. Belgrade for Resonate

  211. Norway holiday

  212. Rotterdam to meet Shannon's parents

Trips logged include when I spent the night away from home (not including camping trips to Perry County, too many to count) or took an airplane. Daytrips by train or car don't count.