The Asshole Vote

Posted here on (week 1596).

The best way to defend America is to stay on the offensive.

Watching Bush’s angry tirades at the WUStL debates, I had an insight regarding his continued popularity.

He’s got the asshole vote.

You know, a lot of people are easy to spook. It doesn’t take much to stir up their fear of change, of differences. That only makes them conservative; caution is healthy. It’s natural to want control over your environment, to ensure your own safety.

Some, though, cope with their fear not merely with caution, but with anger and aggression. They want to beat up on someone. What makes one an asshole is trying to affect your safety and control by harming or restraining the liberty of others.

Sorry Brian, but you’ve just provided a shining example.

(Nota bene: the article Brian cited makes a good point.)