Professional Experience

I am a geek enamored of technology’s possibilities, but I thrive on working together with smart and empathetic people to contribute to human culture.

The details are at LinkedIn, but here’s the story.

Last century, my university studies included Computer Science and Psychology, which seemed natural only to me. I’ve been weaving the complexity of technology and engineering with human and creative pursuits ever since.

This century has been spent building software design practices. I’ve directed creative teams in four countries, run an ad agency, led engineering for large scale business systems, overseen the design of complex consumer products, and managed account relationships across very different industries.

Building large-scale enterprise software systems, I found beauty in their architectures and learned the importance of minding human users, human clients, and human builders.

In the nascent world of interactive marketing, I arguably wasted some years in the pursuit of quantified human behavior. It was no mistake, of course, to work with incredibly diverse people and gain a more holistic view of running a business.

Since 2008, I’ve enjoyed leading teams and projects in leadership roles across disciplines, finding patterns of success in disparate industries throughout the world. The tools of designing for futures both near and far have become second nature.

Most recently, I’ve shifted scale dramatically downward in favor of focus and passion with The Artificial.