We need to be spreading this news to all Americans: they don’t hate our freedom, they hate our solidarity.

Ever since I read this post by @frank_chimero I find myself avoiding like buttons and enjoying the act of small compliments.

Isaac Saul has a succinct overview of the impeachment process, and his take on what it means is perfectly in line with mine:

TLDR - nothing matters ¯\(ツ)

I have been an advocate for city government power for some time, so am very pleased to see HR 3571. Too bad it has no chance of becoming law, but I hope it inspires new approaches when the State Department is inevitably rebuilt.

This guy gives me the same uneasy feeling that discovering Alex Jones did so long ago:

Microsoft Outlook shows this everything-is-fine status indicator that never expires. So it is happy to tell me my inbox is up-to-date even if it hasn’t checked in days.

I’m pretty sure "don’t lie to the user” is a basic law of UX.

All folders are up-to-date