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I really wish all the public design languages out there would admit they are re-introducing depth and affordances to software UI. #kidsthesedays

The actual experts working on scenarios to prevent large-scale death in the US usually “end” with a regimen of contact tracing and contain.

We can’t even pull off the census without politics getting in the way, and never restrain the movement of white people. 😬

When is Elon Musk going to introduce an Cybertruck Isolation Mode with an airlock for drive-thru food pickup? #MonetizeThePandemic

Are there social distancing mutual funds, yet?

I worried that social distancing would mean Transit Driver Appreciation Day would pass unnoticed just when train operators and bus drivers deserve our thanks the most. But a quick look at #tdad and I found dozens of agencies all over North America celebrating.

Thanks, drivers!

“Der kapitalismus hat grenzen” is one of those German phrases that cannot be translated to American English.