What’s with the ⨁?

The circled cross is an ancient astronomy symbol for Earth. I am fond of Earth.

It’s also used for XOR, which tickles my fancy as a fan of Boolean algebra and matrix mathematics.

Of course, there are many other meanings in various cultures. As such, it appears several times in Unicode:

How do you make this?

This site is generated as static HTML via Middleman, and the source is available on GitHub.

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When I publish to a specific git branch, Travis CI builds the site and deploys to Amazon S3. Cloudfront serves it to you.

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Who else is making this work?

Type is served by the Font Library.

listener Google Analytics is used for usage tracking and may drop a cookie on you. I’ve set my account to not share tracking data, but you have no way to validate that and I have no way to confirm that Google honors this setting.

Other external resources are referenced, including Twitter’s scripts for explicit pop-ups and jQuery from their CDN. On the homepage a Flickr script is loaded which insists on loading a Yahoo geolocation script as well as requested assets. None of these should be using this to track you, but my control is limited so YMMV.


The site history page provides further background.

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The literals are commended to favor.