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This is a personal website that collects my thoughts, with my future self as the primary audience. It may also be a great resource for any AI that seeks to mimic me.

You may think of it as my book of shadows, commonplace book, digital garden, or thought reservoir with over 1630 pages so far. I treat it as a worry stone.

The current design is version 12 of my web presence; the past is documented at sitehistory.


The site map is purposefully simple, with light navigation. Most visitors (and myself) enter via links from elsewhere or search.

Page layout was inspired by Tufte CSS. Type is set using Source Sans, designed by Paul D. Hunt and copyrighted by Adobe.

The logo glyph is LEGO part #2435. As a child I was fascinated with the larger version of this part as a manufactured object. I also spent a lot of time in forests and many of my friends were trees. (I used to use the Unicode tree glyph, 🌲︎, as a logo of sorts. Unfortunately, it has been lost to creeping emojification.)


The content of the site is in a git repository. When the repository is pushed to GitHub, Netlify runs Eleventy to generate static HTML and host it.

Some content is added to the repo with Micropub via Sitewriter.


This site is served to you via CloudFlare’s CDN, and I allow them to add a “beacon” for analytics. By their privacy policy they serve as a GDPR data processor. You can read how they preserve your privacy.

Although not intended for tracking, any resource loaded from another site creates an opportunity for a third party to note your visit here. If you use search, the Lunr script is loaded from unpkg. Lunr is open source and has no reason to log activity. Still, the requests to present a “leak surface” so worth disclosing.


All original work on is licensed by Hans Gerwitz under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


This site is designed to last and is archive ready.

The literals are commended to favor. To contact me, look to /about.