1. Still not ready for public testing, but it’s time to start dogfooding sitewriter.net

  2. The #Schokofahrt is my favorite publicity stunt of 2018 so far.

  3. Today I voted. It’s nice to take part in a well-functioning democracy. 🗳 #gestemt

  4. How is Facebook supposed to respond to the Cambridge Analytica kerfuffle?

    “It’s not a data breach, our security was not compromised. But they did use personal data in ways that violate our terms. They’re supposed to pay us if they’ll be doing that.”

  5. Let’s appreciate this moment in history when you can’t pay Facebook, Google, or Twitter to publish your advertising for guns, but as long as you use the free channel they will let you advocate using them to kill other humans. Because free speech.

  6. I enjoy these two weeks of spring when Amsterdam and Seattle are an hour closer to each other.

  7. In case you were wondering how I feel about the new US Secretary of State: https://medium.com/@gerwitz/this-is-how-facism-is-bootstrapped-e341bdb27663

  8. I’m glad Bannon skipped Holland on his EU tour. I left the US partly to get away from nihilistic asses like him.

  9. Really, @JunckerEU? Is it not obvious that this is an exceptionally poor time in EU history to even risk the appearance of unaccountable power brokering among elites?

  10. The possessive of my given name is spelled Hans’s.

    Before you ‘splain why I’m wrong about my own name, study up.

  11. Let us not forget the legacies of Jay Dickey, Todd Tiahrt, and Larry Craig.

    Without their historic efforts, Americans today might not be living in fear of violent slaughter.

  12. So I visited Twitter.com directly for the first time in a while. It thought my primary feed should feature a politician remembering a preacher because I follow someone who follows him.

    I don’t want an algorithm managing my attention until it’s at least smarter than a pig.