The Correspondent’s mission and content was solid, but… They were too focused on the brands of their authors, the IA of the site was terrible, the newsletters felt like marketing, and as a paying member I couldn’t get useful RSS.

This essay on designing for more than the user was clearly written by committee, but makes an important point. Don’t miss the 5 strategies for systemic design.

My pitch to the streaming services: reboot Love Actually and then spin off countless additional films in the Romcom Cinematic Universe.

What’s a word like “mansplaining” but for veering beyond the lane of your expertise? Currently visible among “computer guys” talking about AI and doctors talking about epidemiology.

When we return to offices I will have to learn how to use “rooms” and “walls” instead of Miro boards.

Mixed signals: our Christmas tree is a living rental that will return to its farm for summer. Sometimes we have to update its firmware to keep the spatially mapped lighting safe from hackers.