No surprise, poverty makes us stupid.

Then we’re more easily sucked into the “socialism is bad” narrative, which makes more of us more poor. It’s a viscous cycle of stupid austerity.

I’m hoping the Netherlands handles COVID-19 more like Japan than like Italy, but I’m a bit pessimistic, given our mercantile orientation.

But at least we’re certain not to bungle it as badly as the US.

Our old, just-replaced sofa had some wear but was still quite serviceable. Also, very difficult to squeeze down our stairs and too heavy for us to handle alone.

Thanks to Nextdoor, a neighbor sent some friends to retrieve it, saving us from having to disassemble and discard it. She sent us a nice photo of it deployed in her living room.

It gives me so much joy to see it re-used. Some combination of my “leave no trace” upbringing, “waste not, want not” habits from when I was poor, and local socialism makes me abhor preventable waste.

If everyone shared this personality quirk, I wonder how much our waste stream would be reduced.

I am so disappointed about the Democratic primary this week. I will certainly vote for Sanders or Biden come November, and might even have been happy to do so if Harris or Warren had not been candidates or I had ignored the primary race.

But they were, and I did not. Neither Sanders nor Biden are the first or second best option we had. That we now are choosing between them is an indictment of our culture. We are sexist. We have dramatically failed to mend the wounds of slavery. We get the government we deserve.

I will try to focus, now, on the potential to at least repair the federal government, shift the Overton window back towards social justice, and appreciate that Inslee put the environment on the stage and Warren prevented Bloomberg from further validating plutocracy.

This week we were reminded that Democrats are Americans, too.

It’s strange to hear about the whole world panicking but not see it.