With delegatecall you can build updatable logic on blockchain.

This new “trustless” infrastructure will work out great, as long as you trust the other participants. 🤦

The Bluesky ADX explainer encapsulates the politics of social media with “speech” and “reach” layers. I’m not sure if this is genius or naive, but it’s clearly too hidden because The Discourse hasn’t reacted.

1 Corinthians 13:11 is wrong.

Put not the ways of childhood behind you.

We have lost important concepts for public legibility by calling large scale statistical models and neural nets “algorithms”.

Learning of Americans such as Hazel Scott, Eugene V. Debs, and Bayard Rustin always leaves me feeling the culture war is not new, America will persevere but also this society is rotten to the core and will never live up to the greatness it pretends to.

There is so much news and analysis about Putin’s attack on Ukraine, and I’ve been consuming much of it. Distracting myself, in a way, from the simple truth of unprovoked war on the European continent, driven by a nuclear-equipped madman. I can no longer delay the dread of it.