I guess I technically get my wish but now I can look forward to 2024.

Dutch PM Mark Rutte is an economic conservative who is not progressive enough for urban voters and entirely too liberal to navigate the pandemic.

Could American political “journalism” even describe this?

In 1989 I visited DC on a school trip and met our congressman from the St. Louis district, Bill Clay. He had been in office for 21 years, which is not a surprising tenure for a district that has voted Democrat since the end of the Civil War and where local politics are stagnant. He served for 11 more years after that.

In 2004 I met my representative again, this time it was his son Lacy Clay Jr. The Clays held this office for 52 years. They weren’t bad, but neither were they agents for change. In keeping with the spirit of St. Louis, they were comfortable.

So when the Ferguson-forged Cori Bush defeated Clay Jr. in the primary it signals noteworthy change. AOC is not an anomaly, the Justice Democrats are a movement that resonates even in the sleepy Midwest.

‪If this video had been taken in Tehran, the US would use it as justification to invade and force regime change.‬

I am calibrated for 16 °C and cloudy.

With Operation Legend and the DHS in Portland, the Trump administration is testing boundaries and learning what rationalizations will work for federal occupation of cities that dare to vote against them. They have to move quickly to affect the election, and so they are.