Site History

Though I had profiles on various BBSes and servers as early as 1986, I didn’t establish my first web page until 1994 when Nyx established userpages. Mine featured my geek code.

A year later I registered, and in 1996 put a site up via a local ISP advertising my web development services.Inspired by Philip Greenspun, I had picked up PHP/FI and built a few dynamic sites in the late 1990s. My favorite client was Crown Candy, who bartered for meals and chocolate. Though gainful employment eventually replaced “phobia consulting”, I still used the site as a personal homepage until in 2003 I decided to call it a blog.

That same year, I started using iBlog to publish in a structured way, but being a server-side web architect, I was eager to try new tools. After flirting with blojsam, I settled on SnipSnap mostly because it was growing to support Groovy, and I was newly interested in Ruby which wasn’t very mature for web work yet. Some years later I grew bored and migrated to XWiki, then gave in to the Wordpress hegemony in 2006.

Ringing in 2007, I sold the domain name and moved to a new hostname.I still felt the need for a “brand” of some sort, and soon began using In late 2009 I finally accepted the value of my unique name and have embraced it online. Ever since then, I’ve endeavoured to maintain permanent URLs for the long web.

Wordpress served me well enough, but when I was fireballed in 2010 it just couldn’t handle the load (on memory) and my site spent most of the day unable to respond. Caching and optimizing made me comfortable for a while, but that Ruby itch finally got too strong. So in 2012 I went back to staticBefore static was cool again. , first with nanoc and later to Middleman, which had a stronger community and I deployed for many projects at The Artificial.

In 2018, I built Sitewriter to take back control over my “tweets”, adding the /notes section. Then in 2019, frustration with bit rot for Ruby projects and mothballing the agency’s projects motivated me to reset to the setup described at /site.