This Blog is Now Safely Ignored

About a decade after putting up my personal website, I’ve finally come up with a name for it.

Wither “Safely Ignored”? Jason and I had just finished trying to introduce some clients to the 21st century and the whole Bubble 2.0 universe. This included the usual cluetrain rambling about conversing with your customers rather than shouting at them, and a lesson on long tail markets. All part of the usual attempt to shake marketers of their old “push the message to the golden consumer” habits.

Afterwards, we engaged in a bit of catharsis among ourselves. Sure, there is money in the long tail and it’s never wise to ignore any person with an important message, regardless of how obscure they seem.

But not everyone has something important to say. And the short tail of highly-influential people are still more likely to spread any given message. There are still a lot of people out there who have small audiences and nothing groundbreaking to add to the conversational market… witness most Usenet posts from, most pages on Geocities, most posts on MySpace, and most little personal sites like this one. We may be safely ignored.

I posted this in January 2007 during week 1717.

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