Deutschland uber alles

This morning I foolishly responded to Chris, the local SUV-driving, suburban-dwelling “patriot,” when he asked if I supported the war now that chemical weapons had been found (according to rumor). I asserted that, no, even if we found dozens of nuclear ICBMs aimed at American soil, I would never grant the unilateral nature of our action retroactive approval.

Of course, the obligatory comparison of me to the entire nation of France was then made. I responded that my position was more akin to Germany, who probably could have been convinced to support military action, had a convincing argument (or evidence) been presented. I also noted that, like Germany, I supported our troops in performing their duty [Germany has and continues to offer so much logistical support that they can be seen as the third force of the invasion, despite not supporting the action.]

So now I’m dismissed as a German nationalist.

I posted this in April 2003 during week 1518.

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