Embarrassing Vegas

Just yesterday I was amused to note a television commercial (yah, Kristan was watching TV faster than the TiVo could keep up) from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority that was certainly more in line with the traditional view of that city. That is, not the whitewashed “family friendly” Just-Like-Disney-With-Slots view that they tried on for the last few years. Apparently, this was part of a new ad campaign that gets edgy enough that a few networks will only show the spots in late night.

So, I’ve got to note the serendipity of BJN musing about the wrath of Las Vegas being unleashed upon a man who used marketing tactics that embarrass the city. Maybe he can apply for a grant from the LVCVA to cover the fines the mayor wants to impose.

I posted this in July 2003 during week 1534.

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