More Seattle

More walking (until feet hurt) today. Visited the Fremont troll, the locks and botanical garden, and more of downtown. The Seattle rain has returned, but it’s that kind of drizzle that’s not worth an umbrella, hat, or windshield wipers. I find it somewhat pleasant, but I don’t live with it all year…

The entire downtown area is at least as clean as the Chicago loop district, and the retail core has a very Michigan Ave feel. It’s like a mini Chi-town without the winters.

No one jaywalks. You’d think there are officers on every corner ready to billy club the first person who falls out of line, but I’ve barely seen any cops.

An organization of native Americans was on one of the piers selling fresh grilled salmon. Oh my god. I don’t think I’ll be able enjoy fish in the Midwest ever again.

The Brits take over the local NPR affiliate early in this time zone. The BBC world service tends to get repetitive, so I discovered a local station that plays only trance/house/dance. And saw a few Segways and more than a few Vespas.

This city is definitely my style.

I posted this in September 2003 during week 1541.

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