Cold pancakes

Saturday, Ryan and I set out for a lazy photo-taking ride. Good pics resulted, someday I’ll get around to sharing them. Some day after I’ve moved off the temporary lifeboat hard drive that doesn’t have enough space to manage photos, that is.

metrics: distance: 24 mi average: 12.0 mph max: 38.2 mph

Sunday, he and I joined Heather for the HI/AYH Flat as a Pancake Century. Except it wasn’t. Well, it was flat, but it wasn’t a century for the vast majority of us, thanks to 45 F, 15 mph winds. Heather thinks it was cold, but I had only a short sleeve jersey and SPD sandals. I had to wiggle my toes while pedaling to keep them from freezing, and at times push as hard as I could to maintain 12 mph on flat ground. It was one of those days where you feel free to curse out loud at Mother Nature, since no one can hear you, anyway.

By the time we finished the first loop (nearly a metric century) we were ready to call it a day. It’s not that any of us couldn’t have finished another 40, but it just wasn’t enjoyable anymore. Even for masochist cyclists.

metrics: distance: 65 mi average: 16.4 mph max: 34.5 mph

I posted this in September 2003 during week 1543.

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