Loft envy

So this afternoon as I returned from cycling I ran into tourists wandering the halls of my building. They flocked around me like I was a taxidermy mount and queried about how I liked living downtown. It didn’t take long to realize that the Taste of Downtown Living Tour must be in progress.

So, I went and bought wristbands for Kristan and I and we went on the voyeur safari, visiting various residential developments around downtown. Many of the buildings are quite impressive in scale and creativity, and I was quite pleased to see how many condo and apartment lofts are already sold or leased. I’m going to have a lot more neighbors by next summer and two grocery stores, at last.

I told a few people that I was looking for a place that would make me jealous. Thankfully, I suppose, I failed. Although every place has it’s own charm, most were smaller than those built out last year, and very few had either the huge timber beams or quality soundproofing and finish of my old factory.

I posted this in October 2003 during week 1543.

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