Squirrel terrorism

Last Trailnet/BFC ride of the season today, the St. Alban’s Ride. Distances were short, but the hills were ruthless. Highlights:

  • Burning up a particularly lengthy climb while listening to the click-click-click of a Six Flags roller coaster carrying cars upwards not more than 200 feet away I turned to a stocky fellow pushing his way up and remarked that the parkgoers sounded like they were having more fun than we. As I continued onward, I heard him remark “A few more minutes of this, and I’ll be screaming like a schoolgirl, too.”

  • Near the end, a prolonged descent granted a 40 mph rush. Which only made it hurt worse when a falling acorn hit me in the chest. Ow.

metrics: distance: 26.5 mi average: 16.0 mph max: 42.1 mph

I posted this in October 2003 during week 1543.

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