A week ago, I started an experiment by including BlogSnob (a reciprocal link network) and MarketBanker (an advertising network akin to Google’s AdSense but not as stupid) text banners under “Sponsored Links” on the left. I was curious about two things: how many click outs will I get from what I suspect to be a plethora of accidental visitors, and how many click ins would I get from my own placed link.

The results are not terribly interesting yet. I’ve gotten 4 visitors from BlogSnob and sent 3 out. I’m a bit curious why I have served 9059 impressions and only received 1093. MarketBanker has been running tow network ads, with only 4 click outs so far.

Here’s the surprise twist, though: some random bargain site has signed up to advertise here for a week. I earn $10 for this placement. I am officially a paid blogger, now. Look forward to the upcoming announcement that I no longer need to depend on a regular salary and am taking an early retirement to devote my time to this site and improving my position in the numerous popularity contests out there.

I posted this in October 2003 during week 1545.

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