Aesthetic geography

The elusive business meeting actually occurred, no thanks to mischievous email spirits.

There’s something about the Pacific Northwest that seems well suited to the pursuit of beauty. The land certainly contributes, but so does the culture. I appears people are simply enjoying life more than they seem to be in other regions. Here in Portland, the locals are so friendly and quick to engage in conversation that visiting evokes a sense of having just joined the community. Or a cult, depending upon how aloof you’re feeling.

I went to visit Todai on the recommendation of my new cultmates, but realized when I got there I simply wasn’t hungry enough to pig out on sushi quite yet. So I thought I’d go catch the last installment of The Matrix. The mall cinema, like the one near the hotel and all others I’ve noticed, is not running it. Do they say something nasty about Oregon in that movie? I chose to watch The Human Stain based only on timing and poster imagery. It was a well constructed, stirring film, if a bit drawn out. Speaking of beauty, Kristen Belvins had a minor, fleeting role, but a face like that is bound to be cast again and fill out that IMDB profile.

Todai was near closing by the time I returned, so I followed another recommendation and visited the original McCormick . Excellent choice, especially for we fish lovers; it was worth having to walk twelve blocks back in a cold rain. I feel I’ve experienced Portland, now.

Dumb trivia for the day: the girl on the Pike Place Starbucks Card is Karina. She’s hip, according to a former coworker, who left Seattle because it’s just too cold up there.

I posted this in November 2003 during week 1548.

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