Yippee Kai Aye

I haven’t been to Texas since I was about 5. I forgot it was so flat.

First, I discovered the hotel’s shuttle from the airport didn’t actually exist, so I got to take a cab from DFW to Richardson. Although the cabbie was an African immigrant, he has acclimated thoroughly enough to prefer country music. I got to hear the latest gems about why it’s good to be angry and kill people, and how fun it is to act stupid because chicks dig it. The twang is blood-curdling.

This morning, then, I ended up with a hotel driver who thought he knew where I was going, but didn’t. Apparently “Raytheon” and “Hewlett Packard” sound similar in some dialects. So, I got to see more of the giant office park that is Richardson’s “Telecom Corridor.” All the culture of South St. Louis County, and all the charm of Earth City.

Rarely do I get homesick so quickly.

I posted this in November 2003 during week 1550.

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