A maze of twisty passages, all alike-

Dallas/Fort Worth bills itself as “The Airport of Choice.” I can’t say I disagree. No other airport has ever faced me with so many choices, each with the sense that a wrong decision will lead to a path with no escape towards making your flight.

Selecting the right shuttle involves looking up your terminal from displays of departing flights. Only after you board are you informed that you ought to have looked up the gate, as well, to disembark at the correct stop. Once in the terminal, restrooms and maps are few and far between, with no guidance toward either.

Thankfully, I made correct choices with the exception of walking far longer than necessary for a restroom. Many of my fellow travelers appear not to be as lucky. Perhaps the next branding campaign should use “The Airport of Guesses.”

I posted this in November 2003 during week 1550.

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