Iron Barley

Thanks to repeated praises on the StLouIST when it opened in June, we finally visited Tom Coghill’s Iron Barley tonight. All the reviews were accurate, this is the sort of neighborhood atmosphere and genuine cuisine that Applebee’s mocks. It’s great to experience a smokey restaurant where the smoke comes not from cigarettes but the hickory and apple chips being used to prepare food.

Kristan had strip steak and spoke highly of it. I had smoked trout, which was so flavorful I could close my eyes and easily imagine eating the day’s catch around the camp cooking fire. It’s easy to picture the input to the kitchen as fresh, raw ingredients being brought in throughout the day; no large foodservice trailers park outside this place.

Make sure to pay a visit, but be warned: they are closed Sunday and Monday, and accept only cash.

I posted this in November 2003 during week 1551.

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