Clipless irony

Kristan just got her early birthday present with a 105 rear derailleur and SPD pedals. She’s never ridden clipless before, so I was her personal SAG for Trailnet’s Dog Prairie ride and rode along for the short route. (27 miles with some decent hills. Kinda mean for the first ride of the season, guys!)

She had no trouble at all with the pedals, and was clipping in and out as naturally as I do in SPDs. My new SPD-SL pedals and shoes are a different story, though. I have a scar developing on my right shin where the damn pedal hits me when I fail to clip in first try and make the mistake of standing on the back of the shoes, where there is no tread.

I decided to execute this new move of mine while leaving the rest stop, having told Kristan to ride on ahead. A group made a last minute decision to stop and cut me off, and slipping off the pedal while turning sharply caused me to tumble onto the pavement. A few riders were overheard in Applebee’s after the ride pointing out “that’s the guy that fell off his bike.” Ah, infamy.

I posted this in April 2004 during week 1569.

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