Rainy days and paper apes

As Saturday’s weather did not invite cycling, I amused myself by building a paper sculpture of a Sumatran Orangutan, courtesy of Yamaha Motor Co. The results were satisfying, considering I found only a dull razor blade and a glue stick to work with.

They have a wide variety of models for download. I am reminded of paper buildings I once assembled at my grandmother’s, I believe they might have been Geoffrey Heighway models, similar to Build Your Own Chicago but a bit more complicated.

There are a lot of models freely available on the web. The Japanese have really taken to “papercraft”, with more corporate site candy, simple models for children, lots of cars and robots for bigger kids, and of course trout. Some Brits have taken it to another level with paper machinery.

I posted this in April 2004 during week 1571.

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