Last night, during a late-night coding session, I finally reached the end of the “Rate Me” playlist on the iPod. This means that every one of the 9500 tracks in my library has now been assigned the iTunes 1-5 star rating. I will use the ratings to prioritize songs for review when creating playlists for driving, cycling, lounging, etc.

It took more than a year of rating tracks as I heard them in the iPod to finish (or at least catch up). In that time, I’ve come to associate listening to music with the task; not so much that it ever felt like a chore, but listening to “only 5 stars” in the car today still had a sense of liberation to it. It’s like having your own commercial-free radio station that plays only your favorite songs of all time.

I posted this in May 2004 during week 1576.

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