Comings and Going

This morning, I awoke to crop dusters, we went to the most brief Catholic Mass I’ve ever experienced, and we toured the family rice and crawfish farms, where we selected a sack of crawfish freshly harvested, for lunch.

Later, my father and I drove to Grand Coteau and picked up Kurt from the novitiate, which he is leaving after 9 months. While he’s certainly going through some grieving with the departure, we’ll be glad to have him back in St. Louis for a while.

Kurt’s entire novice class joined the Brown’s for a large crawfish boil. I am struck by the diversity of these men, but also by their maturity level. They are certainly more mature than their age in many aspects, but in others they struck me as a group of children not yet integrated into the adult world; not that this is negative or positive.

I posted this in May 2004 during week 1577.

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