The Case Against W

Ron Reagan’s renown Esquire article doesn’t say anything new, but neatly sums up why I’ll be voting against Bush at least as much as for John Kerry. Ryan pointed out that recent punditry treats as an assumption it is “wrong” to vote for Kerry because he is not Bush. I don’t think this is correct: voting is a choice between candidates, not an objective judgment of a person. Kerry may not be everything I could possibly want in a president, but relative to Bush he can almost do no wrong.

UPDATE: Barlow has written a great essay on why we need to support Kerry, even if he’s not Prom King material:

Between his ill-conceived military adventures and the billions his tax cuts have diverted into the pockets of his friends, Bush has created a deficit that may ultimately bring down the world’s economy.

I posted this in August 2004 during week 1587.

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