MS 150 2004

Heather, Ryan, Dwayne, Kurt and I rode the MS 150 as team Velocity.

Despite what is being called the most challenging route in the ride’s history and obnoxious winds, I pulled two century patches again this year. I’m told the first day was only 94 miles, but the second was 106. The final hill to the finish was by far the most obnoxious after pulling Kurt and Ryan for the last leg (and fooling Kurt into believing it was all downhill) I had to walk it like most of the riders. Sunday, though, I finally got some paceline drafting in, and was able to climb it definitely the most dramatic finish I’ve experienced in my short riding history.

Interesting stories include convincing a girl Kurt met early on to ride the century route with us on Saturday, and Pete Williams tearing his rear Ultegra derailleur in two.

I posted this in September 2004 during week 1593.

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