Four more years

I’d previously come up with several reasons to root for Bush today:

  • This administration deserves to be the one that deals with the results of their policies for the past four years. Ignoring the impact of four more years of these policies, of course…

  • The innate human morbid curiosity that causes us to watch with nearly eager anticipation when hurricanes are heading towards populous areas. Fewer slow news days!

  • Tough love: this generation clearly needs to make some really stupid mistakes of its own, since it clearly is not going to learn from prior history alone.

None of those are much consolation right now. The sea of red that makes up the center and south of the nation boggles the mind millions of voters choosing Bush, despite my inability to find anyone presenting a rational (i.e. not faith-based) argument for his continued Presidency.

I’m used to being in cultural minorities. What’s disappointing is learning that one of those is the reality-based community.

I posted this in November 2004 during week 1600.

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