Shale - The Next Struts

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David Geary, a fellow with a lot of Struts cred and a serious affection for JSF gave a repeat of his JavaOne talk on Shale. It was largely an introduction, a bit of sales pitch, and some Craig McClanahan hero worship (which I’ve been guilty of myself, of course).

David is a very knowledgeable guy, and is great at providing thoughtful answers to questions. He’s a dry speaker, though. Nonetheless, the richness of content made the session worthwhile. I was pleased to see him use the term “UI logic,” as I have often met resistance (all logic belongs in the magic logic tier!) when I refer to “presentation logic.”

He also did a great job of introducing Commons Chain, which I recognized existed but needed to be reminded can serve as a valuable library in many contexts, not just within frameworks.

Finally, there was some hand-waving about AJaX support with “remote” commands being added to chains. Encouraging talk, but nothing to see here, yet.

If you'd like to dicuss this, open the comment thread here or contact me.