Disney World 2005

Kristan and I took a whirlwind tour through three Disney World parks yesterday, hitting what we missed three years ago. Surprising to me, the crowds were very light. I suppose the Christmas vacation for schoolchildren is next week.

At Epcot, we had to visit the new child-killing Misson: Space ride, widely known for the its intensity. All it really does, though, is push you back into your seat. Whoopee.

Later, at Magic Kingdom, we rode the classic spinning teacups, which were much more exciting than Mission: Space. The Christmas season parade was a surprising treat, I’m not a big fan of parades but enjoyed the spectacle of it all.

Kristan finally got to resolve her last regret from her only previous visit and saw the Fantasmic show at MGM Studios. I thought it was a bit dull, but the most Disney-literate crowd around me was quite rapt.

More harrowing than any attraction in Orlando, though, was the drive back to Ft. Myers on I-75. The retired residents and tourists seem to be vying for the title of most reckless.

I posted this in December 2005 during week 1659.

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