One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic…

The first definition of the adjective cath•o•lic in is (esp. of a person’s tastes) including a wide variety of things; all-embracing. See note at universal.

This morning Kristan and I went to the Basilica of Saint Louis for Mass (we’re considering it as a venue for the wedding). A guest homilist was in seeking donations for vocational programs in Africa. His stories were compelling, and his value story included not just the usual missionary pleas, but also carried the message that helping to grow the Church in Africa was self-serving for American Catholics. African Catholics are choosing pastoral vocations in such numbers that they are sending priests “back” to Western communities to fill the void left by decreasing ordinations domestically.

I may not be much of a God-fearing Christian, but it awoke that old sense of collective pride to consider that the Church is bringing African immigrants to leadership positions in American communities. Any kid that grows up going to Mass presided by Mexican priest in a parish with a Kenyan pastor is less likely to inherit racist attitudes.

I posted this in June 2006 during week 1685.

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