ad:tech Monday Wrap-Up

Henry Copeland (BlogAds) observation: “staid Midwestern brands” seem to have an easier time adopting podcasts than blogging… it’s easier to broadcast than dialogue. I agree, except I don’t think this is a uniquely Midwestern experience.

Jared Spool was the only presenter that knows how to present.

Susan Chiu from Octanti reminds me of the grad students in the Psych department who joked about being paid to teach MBAs what they should have learned in school if they’d been paying attention. I think she’d throw something at anyone who suggested in her presence that “clicks” have any intrinsic value.

Compared to software engineering conferences, this marketing-oriented one has a startling amount of beautiful people. And sleazy ones; the exhibit hall feels like a used car lot.

I posted this in July 2006 during week 1690.

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