Avenue A | Razorfish hosted a lunch panel (“Disruptive Technology for Fun and Profit”) with some of their own big brains and a Google rep to discuss all the “new” stuff, especially social media. Might not have had much for me to learn, but it was refreshing to finally hear from someone who gets it, Bruce Woolsey. While others answered the initial softball question about what they see as the “most exciting use of new technology” in marketing, he passed on the well-that-campaign-was-pretty groupthink and proclaimed that the listening being done via firms like BuzzMetrics and Umbria is the greatest new phenomenon.

Bingo! I hope everyone here caught that thread woven throughout the panel: we should invite customers to slice and dice our content, by letting go of our rigid control, serving it in bite-sized pieces ready for mixing and referencing, but most importantly listening to what they’re saying with and about it.

(Bruce is also excited about geocontext, semacode, and cycling; this is a man after my own heart.)

I posted this in July 2006 during week 1690.

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