Seppuku 2.0

Sprout Commerce has figured out how to commit suicide in the Web 2.0 ecosystem.

Immediately after Pete Cashmore’s glowing review in April I began using MyPickList to manage my wishlists, rather than using the “buy” tag in as I had before (and limiting myself to items that have records on is so Web 1.0).

Imagine my surprise, then, when my list just became a 404 error and Sprout replaced the homepage with a notice that they are “undergoing reconstruction to better serve our customers” and impore me to “check back frequently to use our new and improved service when we reopen.”

Yeah, right. I’ll be in line to trust you with my data right after you just ate it all. Thanks for wasting my time and energy.

If Sprout wants to find out what I’m interested in now, I guess they can go check out my wists.

I posted this in September 2006 during week 1699.

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