Social Turing Tests

Attorneys in New York and Austin picked up my notes on jury duty and sent dozens of their readers this way to review them. Then the defense attorney tracked me down at work just to ask a few questions about the case as routine followup.

So, I’m going to continue my newfound career in jury consulting to share a proposal Steve and I cooked up for screening. Rather than employ testers to consider each candidate, we can employ a social Turing test. Every participant chats for a set time with another one, then with another, until everyone’s been paired with everyone else. At the close of each session, both parties rate the likelihood their partner was a script designed to impersonate a human.

At the conclusion, everyone is simply rated by how many others guessed they were not a rational human. Adjusting for candidate groups without enough reasonable people to screen the others and whether it’s necessary to seed a few actual scripts are left as exercises for the reader.

I posted this in October 2006 during week 1701.

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