Downsizing the Monkeysphere

It was recently pointed out to me that my LinkedIn profile has grown to 118 connections. If you asked me to name people I know, I doubt I’d be able to produce a list that long, so I determined it was time to go through and trim those one-time professional contacts that I don’t expect to every reconnect with.

I expected to cut about 50%. I actually identified only 9, and 3 of those were just obsolete duplicate profiles. Now I’m pondering how to rekindle the handful of connections that I elected to leave active even though I haven’t talked with them recently. One promising idea is to simply run through the remaining list of 108 and offer an endorsement to each.

During this exercise I noticed that a few others had entered headlines for themselves that were more interesting than the usual Current Position at Current Employer. The winner for best headline is Ryan, the Time 2006 Person of the Year.

I posted this in January 2007 during week 1715.

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