Design Fanboy

Besides being a very happy AAPL investor, I’ve been accurately identified as one of [them]… those Apple fanboys that narrow our focus away from the company’s competition, reading MacRumors rather than /..

What’s frustrating is how the Apple fanboy label is used to dismiss my viewpoint, implying that my judgement is meritless, clouded by the reality distortion field and driven by a desire to belong. As if I’m driven to identify with the cocksure slacker on the Get a Mac ads.

Perhaps “we” are simply impressed with Apple’s comprehensive design. Steve and his minions appreciate the value of engineering and understand that beauty is more than skin deep, that design is concerned with function, not merely form.

It’s a rare pleasure to use products that have been thoughtfully assembled with a coherent, consistent user experience. It shouldn’t be: visual voicemail, system-wide search, and tangible interfaces should be obvious. If the rest of the electronics industry would just let go of featuritis, maybe we could just learn to expect it and be less compelled to go overboard with enthusiasm.

I posted this in January 2007 during week 1716.

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