Being Erased

Inspired by a mention of Eternal September, I spent some time today trying to place my memory of it on the ol’ mental timeline.

Last time I researched myself, Google found many of my Usenet posts from 1993. Today, though, it finds only a handful, with the earliest discoverable message from November 1993 and a nostalgia-inducing attempt to help someone else find dial-up Internet access in St. Louis. Searching on unique strings (such as my 3rd online moniker, “samhain nivhwvs”), though, fails to find posts that nonetheless still appear in the archives if referenced directly. My name, for example, never brings up my February 15, 1993 vote for sci.linear.

Curse you, Google! You may deny my content but you’ll never erase me!

I posted this in January 2007 during week 1716.

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