Police 2.0

It has been fashionable in our culture to address undesirable behavior by enacting laws that call for the police to make the bad people that stop doing those bad things by arresting them. For the really, really bad things, like possessing a leaf from a plant which makes you happy if you consume it, we even mandate the judicial system exact revenge for us.

Of course, in the tubes of the interwebs this has gotten difficult to sustain. People say things we don’t approve of and publish content to audiences of millions without our consent, and all those pesky jurisdictions geographic prevent us from having our revenge on other people’s neighbors. If we’re going to create safe places for the children, we need a global security force that can be summoned in response to internet crimes.

I think a web service with an arrest(ip addr) function would do nicely. Those who have contributed enough to the politicians who support the force could install bookmarklets like arrest site owner that immediately dispatch officers.

I posted this in February 2007 during week 1717.

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