By now, close friends and family are all aware, so I can “publish”: I broke my engagement with Kristan on the 18th.

While there’s nothing minor about ending a 5 year relationship scheduled for marriage in another year, it has been remarkably facile. All of my stress was experienced over the last two months, agonizing over the decision and anticipating the judgement of our friends. I’ve been amazed at their objective assessments and concern for my well-being.

The reasons behind this are too extensive, nuanced, and personal for a blog post, but are also far less juicy than the rumor mill is reporting. I don’t know whether believing there are scandalous causes will make this easier or more difficult on Kristan.

While I am racked with guilt over the pain she is experiencing, there are no regrets and no doubt that we will both now grow more fully.

I posted this in August 2007 during week 1747.

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