As most of you already know, both Shannon and I have left frog. To simplify answering the curiosity of so many, I’m going to write down what just happened. No judgement is implied, this is only a record.

Two weeks ago I was in India working with my client stakeholders and making plans for the immediate future. We had verbally discussed frog EU having us as US guests through June, with intention of employment transfer by then for the “usual” two-year relocation.

Since then:

  • that client abruptly ended all frog engagements
  • we were informed that this meant our initial contracts with frog Europe that expired in 9 days would not be renewed as planned
  • we took a trip to Resonate and considered how difficult (and heartbreaking) moving all our stuff, and Shea, back to Seattle would be
  • over two days, we talked to our operations management in Europe and Seattle about taking an extended leave so we could stay in Amsterdam for at least a few months
  • one day later, we were both terminated

We’re still reeling a bit from the news, and have a lot of logistics to work out. We have enough savings to last us a bit, but will need income to lease a new apartment and have to arrange our own visas to stay in the Netherlands.

I posted this in March 2013 during week 2038.

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