Real Business

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This slightly-too-breatheless article on Apple in the enterprise elicited a few conservative comments. Here’s a fine example:

Why are you pushing unprofessional consumer nonsense into business?

A real business is smart to stick to a cloud based office 365 type service with Lync. If walked into a store with hipsters on apple products doing nothing but texting each other I would walk out and go elsewhere.

The “consumerization of IT” is a well studied phenomenon and it’s not worth my time to rant about how short-sighted this attitude is. This comment draws my notice, though, because The Artificial could accurately be described as a bunch of hipsters using Apple products to text[1] each other. (Because it beats meetings.)

In 2015 I’m surprised there’s anyone left with these weird tool-specific biases–in fact, I worry (as an investor) that the Apple brand will suffer for having lost the counter-cultural cachet of the Think Different era. But it’s comforting to know that our choice of tools still inoculates us from the most stubborn dinosaurs.

  1. Even better, we’re actually Slacking. ↩︎