More Stealth

The time has come to replace the tires on my snelfiets1. The Continental Grand Prix 4000s have been on it for 8400 km (5200 miles) over 14 years! It is very impressive they lasted this long, but besides visible wear I was beginning to feel a loss of grip when cornering on pavement2.

They were yellow. I loved the aesthetics of this with the Lemond, but they felt more appropriate when I was among the fastest riders in most group rides. Today, thanks to some combination of age, waning commitment, and a different community, I am decidedly average in speed.

So, I now have placed black Specialized Roubaix Pros. They are so boring.

  1. I should call it a “racing bike” but since I don’t race, that seems wrong. Americans might call it a “road bike” but in a land full of urban bikes that’s also wrong. So, “snelfiets” (fast bicycle) it is. 

  2. More cross-cultural language fun! By “pavement”, I mean paths covered with pavers (bricks), not tarmac made of asphalt.