How to Government

Ours is a neoliberal society that treats economic growth as a moral virtue. So the government has been slow to extend environmental protections to the large-scale and long-term problem of climate change.

But we have a lot to lose, and government’s role is to protect citizens. So the government lost a lawsuit brought by citizens and was obligated to act.

A plan was made that sought to reduce emissions, remain globally competitive for businesses, and minimize the burden on citizens. Some environmental groups and consumer unions were not convinced it was robust enough. This being a neoliberal society, though, support was broad enough to be implemented.

Once the details were worked out via implementation, though, assessments of the policies’ performance showed they would not be aggressive enough on emission reductions and also places too much burden on low-income households. So the plan must be modified.

Outcomes, not intentions, are how a government that serves its people must be judged.

I posted this in March 2019 during week 2349.

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