All Hail Freret IX

Capping an otherwise bad week, Shannon and I joined the Krewe of Freret for a coronation ball on Saturday. During which I was crowned King Freret IX.

I drank myself silly and don’t really remember much after the Queen’s preparty in the Pontabla apartments. I talked to her about the need for surgeons to have a functional level of psychopathy and she complained about how the computing metaphor holds us back from understanding the brian. Her family was incredibly gracious.

At the main party in the Cabildo, the prior king relinquished his crown peacefully, I embarrassed myself dancing with Mr. City Council VP Jason Williams, and…that’s about all I remember. Shannon adulted me through the night, and while nothing can wash away grief it at least kept me from falling too far.

I posted this in January 2020 during week 2395.

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