COVID-19: Life So Far

We’re healthy and feeling fortunate so far. Shannon and I started isolating a bit earlier than most out of a sense of responsibility; neither of us has been to an office since March 10th.

We still allow ourselves a morning walk often, but only early (before the senior shopping hour) and not on weekends to avoid adding to any crowding. In normal times we visit shops for food and sundries at least daily, but now I go, alone, twice a week. We bought some cloth masks from a nearby Etsy seller in early April and a month later we remain some of the few using them.

Spring is here and weather is often beautiful. I’m struggling with the urge to take a (fast) bike ride. It will be fine out in the polders, but to leave the city means bike paths that I don’t want to add to the density of. At least we have a rowing machine and when we don’t walk have found some solace in morning routines with it and joint yoga sessions.

Thanks to selling our properties in St. Louis and Seattle last year, we’re living below our means. But remain privileged to have a reasonable large apartment with stairs, a lot of natural light, cats, a small space to stand outdoors, and an urban canal view.

It is a mixed blessing to have a nice view of the city. The vibrancy of the canal and streets is attractive, but the beckoning is now unwelcome. Still, it’s great to sit in the windows and feel a bit like we’re on a cafe terrace. Though it’s the courtyard that turned into a club.

Even though I’m quite an introvert, I’m quite itchy to hang out in person with friends. We have one or two virtual “gatherings” each week. They aren’t the same as sharing time in person, but there are highlights. One of our favorite bars is holding a weekly virtual game show with a dozen or so callers. So far Shannon and I have won a cupcake decorating contest and taste testing/sushi competition.

Winning Requiem for a Dream cupcakes

This is one of a series of posts about my experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I posted this in May 2020 during week 2409.

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