Here, I dangerously attempt to summarize my view of the world.


Everything is connected, reductionism is dangerous.

We err when we apply the lessons from micro and macro scales to mesoscale, and vice-versa.

Why the tree?


Why the fist?

Another suitable icon could be the Phrygian cap, symbolizing liberty and self-rule. To me, though, the solidarity fist evokes the struggle that humans too often must endure against oppression.


Why the atom?

There was a time in history that Bohr’s model of the atom was the pinnacle of human understanding of the universe. Today it appears quaint and flawed. Yet it is still useful and provides as much understanding as most people will ever need. It also reminds us that today’s models will some day seem quaint.

It is not inevitable. We built the Pantheon and then forgot how to make cement. It seems almost an inevitable pattern that revolution against despotism