The Circles of Hell

This is who I expect to meet on my tour of the circles of Hell.


  • Those who fail to push in their chair
  • Those who park their bicycle laterally across the footpath


  • Those who confuse their pleasure for rightousness


  • Those who carry on a loud conversation across passers by, raising their voices to overcome the obstacle of others’ heads
  • Those who consume flesh


  • Those who needlessly take more room than others
  • Those who disclaim the behavior of their pets or children
  • Those who insist on being in front, yet are slow to move onward


  • Those who willfully encroach


  • Those who hold opinions but do not vote
  • Those who seek fame with dangerous falsehoods
  • Those who consume flesh yet claim to be environmentalists


  • The profiteers of internet-scale ignorance and hate
  • The manufacturers of public consent and direct manipulators of government representatives, supporting the aggregation of power
  • Those who threaten the vulnerable carelessly
  • Those who preach that different is dangerous
  • Those who advocate for war or destruction


  • Those who use power for personal gain or (religious) spite
  • Those who work to provide the preachers of the 7th circle platforms to spread their message.


  • Those who mobilize revolution not against real tyranny, but against inclusive, just society under the flag of “freedom”
  • Those who use the power of storytelling to please power to the detriment of society